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Problem on record's view

daniele80 , October 25 2017
daniele80 34
October 25 2017 #373125
Goodmorning everyone,
i have a problem with cc5.
I have created with cf5 a form of insertion for outgoing mail with its protocol, date, employee and destination.
it works all well and to activate the display of the record (the field appears underlined with hyperlink) I have put on the Front list -> View linkable the string: protocollocf5.protocollo: protocollocf5.protocollo

and on Front list -> Action -> view the following string: {protocollocf5.protocollo}

When i go to use it inevitably the display does not work and i only monitor the string: {protocollocf5.protocollo}

The strange thing is that old connections always made with cc5 work perfectly with similar strings.
All new ones do not work and give the same mistake.
Honestly, I have not used cf5 and cc5 for a few months now and now that I started again I found myself in front of this strange mistake.
I also installed cf6 and cc6.

Does anyone have any idea?