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chronoform crashes and takes a long time to load when you have multiple linked tables

indesweb , October 25 2017, 10:27
indesweb 109
October 25 2017, 10:27 #373105
Good morning, I have an extensive form created, and this one has two parts that have tables linked to other tables and I have it configured with events for each field. For me they are the most important, although in the form there are more fields with linked tables but directly.

- - km
- price

driver supplier
- truck registration
- - trailer registration

If I only put one part, it takes a few seconds, but it loads everything well.
When I fill in the other part, it is when it takes many minutes to load the first drop-down and it also takes to load the second drop-down and the other fields of the form.

What if the data is in the databases? Why is it blocked as long as it is looking for the data?

What solution is there?

indesweb 109
November 02 2017, 11:00 #373317
Hello everyone!!
with the last update the problem is solved !!

Now it's incredible! everything is loaded at a speed that I never imagined, is to put the option and in less than 1 second all the fields loaded!

great work to all who have done the update!