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Message only inside the module that contains the form

RalfF , October 24 2017, 14:28
RalfF 5
October 24 2017, 14:28 #373092
Hi there,
I’m faced with following issue:

I have a very simple form (name, e-mail) with the security image.
The form is placed in a module in the footer. I have to scroll to see the module.
By passing the data with an error in the security image (no icon activated / wrong icon activated) I’m getting in following trouble:
1.  After clicking the "Send" button the error message of “Check Security image” is displayed in the module where the form is located (in the footer). There is no possibility to select “system messages bar” or "body". This is not the best way for me because the page is reloaded and shows the top of the page. And the error messages is displayed in the footer - not visoble for the user because the page content is too long.

2.  By ignoring the standard message and including a separate message in the "fail" of "Check Security image" unforunately the message is displayed in the module, too - despite choosing “system messages bar”. “System messages bar” generally does not work for Chronoforms (other applications do). I’m using a Gantry 5 template. Is a Gantry5 issue known or is it a Chronoforms issue?

Thanks in advance for any support.
GreyHead 64
October 24 2017, 15:55 #373094
Hi Ralf,

The simplest solution is to enable Ajax submission on the form then it will submit and display the message in the module. This will work provided that there are no file uploads. Otherwise you have to add JavaScript to be used when the messages show to scroll back to the module location - there are some examples in the forums here.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
RalfF 5
October 25 2017, 13:42 #373120
Thanks Bob.
I realized it with a simple JS. .
Thread can be closed.
vivora66 12
February 13 2019, 20:06 #383868
I have a similar problem, but with google nocaptcha
ajax is enabled
my form is very simple pleasee check the attached file
at this time I only need show a message on OKAY and other on FAIL events
the message is OK but only when it is whown in the position BODY I need show the massages in System Messages position..
when ajax is activated, the messages are not shown in the system messages position, it works without ajax
how could I do to solve the problem with ajax?
thank you