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Your ChronoForms installation on is not validated - Forms stopped working?

JamieKL , October 23 2017
Hi guys,

All of a sudden my Chronoforms have stopped working. Can anyone help?

When I go into the backend it says "Your ChronoForms installation on is NOT validated." - would this be why?

The form is for an event registration and is now not working.

Hi Jamie,

No, the validation should not affect the form being working or not, how exactly it is not working ?

Best regards
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We've had people say they submitted the form and we haven't received the emails. It has been working intermittently.

Also, if we have lost the emails - is there a way we can find form submissions? Is it saved to a database?
Hi JamieKL,

If you added a database table and added a DB Save action to the form then you should have an audit record of all submissions. There is no automatic record saved by ChronoForms - it is possible that there are some hints in the server logs.

It is most unlikely that ChronoForms is working intermittently - more likely that either some forms are not being submitted at all, or that some emails are being rejected by your mail service.

ChronoForms technical support
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