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using demo multipart form, cannot access data on step 2

cnielsen , October 19 2017
in the demo form, I am trying to access the data in step 2.
The only way I can do that is via jinput.
I've seen that there are fields in the form in step 1 with your special tags {data:first_name} or something similar.
However, that isn't visible in step 2.
How can I access the stat that was entered in step 1?
I need to, before step 2 loads, to capture the two fields, then using PHP, send a curl request off to an external system to get the users data from an external dbase,
then with the data that I get back, I need to prepopulate the fields in the form that I've rebuilt in step 2.
what fields are there doesn't really matter. I just need to get ONE of them to allow me to start my work.

Also, for the life of me, I can't find an advanced section like in CF v5
There also doesn't seem to be a creation wizard.
I am seriously regretting upgrading to v6
the UI changed way too much.
Please help. This was supposed to be released days ago, however I cannot figure my way around this new chronoforms version.
Hi cnielsen,

I can't find an advanced section like in CF v5
There also doesn't seem to be a creation wizard.

What is the advanced section/wizard ?

You can access the data from step1 in step2 using {data:field_name} if step1 posts the data to step2 (no redirect in between), if you start a curl request then the returned results are available under {var:curl_fn_name} and you can print it using {}

Best regards
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Here is what I have done.
I have clicked Demo o the toolbar and made a copy of your demo form.
I left everything as it was.
Now, I go to the setup tab in the workflow.
On the left, I click More. I select PHP and drag it to the top of the page2 section in the main content area.
I edit it and in the php code area I enter
echo {data:email} ;
attached a screenshot
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found it. need to use $this->data to get to the content.