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Chronoforms6 in Wordpress

Hello everyone,

I have used Chronoforms extensively with Joomla!, but I am now trying to use it with Wordpress version 4.8.2. I installed Chronoforms v6.0.7 for Wordpress. I created a simple contact form (name, email, verify email, message, submit button). When I try to view the form, I get a NOTHING FOUND error. I checked the setup and it is configured to show Section Name "one". (SEE attached) What else do I have to do to make this form show up? Sorry this question is so elementary. I just need to get used to Wordpress I guess.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Erik,

Please try to use the Chronoforms6 shortcode in wordpress [Chronoforms6 chronoform="form-alias"]

Does this work ?

Best regards
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