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How do I use 'WHERE .. IN' selector in a read data

NickOg , October 07 2017
I am trying to use a WHERE .. IN selector in a read data set-up so:-

$whereConditions= getSelectedReceipts($this->data['loader']);
return $whereConditions;

with this function
function getSelectedReceipts($thisDataRead) {
foreach ($thisDataRead as $aReceipt) {
if (!isset($receiptSelector)) {
$receiptSelector = $aReceipt['mdlPrgReceipts']['idReceipt'];
} else {
$receiptSelector .= ',' . $aReceipt['mdlPrgReceipts']['idReceipt'];
$receiptSelector='7695,7684'; // This just for test purposes
$selector=['mdlPrgReceipts.idReceipt', "$receiptSelector", 'IN'];
return $selector;

I can't work out where this error arises.
1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'B> ' Illegal string offset \'mdlPrgReceipts\' in <b>/hsphere/local/home/pmhu3ad' at line 1

Is that
$selector=['mdlPrgReceipts.idReceipt', "$receiptSelector", 'IN'];