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demo Upload File from CF6 doesn't show nothing

jcm69 , October 06 2017, 13:22
jcm69 90
October 06 2017, 13:22 #372742
joomla version is 8.1, chronoForm 6.0.11. Clicking on View from the Forms manager or on the Preview blue button from the Form editor open a blank page. The Preview Tab from the Designer menu works... Tested with FF (win 7 & ubuntu) and Chromium (ubuntu).
kate_ee 33
October 29 2018, 01:30 #381113
I have the same question. What is wrong with the DEMO ?
GreyHead 64
October 29 2018, 10:51 #381122
I think that the problem is that the settings on the Display Section > Popup tab are wrong - please try changing them to Popup modal : No and Show on page load : Yes
Or you can just delete the Display Section action and add a new one with the default settings.
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