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Display multiple records CCv5

Pigna , October 04 2017
Hi Bob & Max and everybody,

I have a connection with two tables: one is the main, the second is related with an hasMany relation because two ore more records are connected by a foreign key with an element of the first table.

The connection is ok.

But i have problem to display multiple records. In the "Front list->Settings (display type Table)" i have some columns with their value from the main table (they are ok). Then I create a column for display datas from the second table and in every row I would display one or more value but I can't.

I read many topic so I try many code but nothing works for me:

if in HTML box I try


the result is: "array (0 => 'element1', 1=> 'element2'...)" instead of "elment1, element2, ..." (that is what I really want).

if in PHP functions box i put

Model.field: return $row ['Model'][0]['field']

the result is only the last element, so I've try a foreach loop:

Model.field: foreach ($row['Model'] as $k => $v) {return $v['field'];}

but the result is the same: only the last element.

Another info: if in the "Fron list->Actions->view" i put a classic php foreach loop like

<?php foreach ($row['Model'] as $k => $v) {echo $v['field'];}?>

i see every fields (without comma :? ).

Can you guys give me a hand (and forgive me for my english)?
Hi Pigna,

Apologies for the late reply!

Did you manage to solve this ? I would suggest using Connectivity v6

Best regards
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Hi Max!

No, I don't solve it. Now I don't have time to migrate all the project to CC6 & CF6, it's to big (many dynamic fields, multiplier, models and db tables). I found an acceptable balance between the features of V5 and my needs.

I've scheduled an upgrade of the project during next year and then probably I will pass to V6, so I've time to study it.

Thanks anyway!