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Chronoconnectivity Problem

ideagrup , October 02 2017
ideagrup 118
October 02 2017 #372632
I would like
in a chronoconnectivity get a URL variable. ................ myCCV?variable=5

save variable = 5 during session.

And send the same value from the list

edit:return ('<a href="mynewURL?variable=' . variable . '"EDIT</a>';

ideagrup 118
October 05 2017 #372723
I find it
In php functions
model.field: return(JRequest::getString('variable', '', 'get'));

If your ccv list shows variable value then you can construct URL
admin 27.0
February 10 2018 #375216
Hi ideagrup,
You can do this in v6 with the "Save to session" action!
Best regards
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