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Translation of CF2 to Swedish

paxx , September 24 at 19:42

Attached is the Swedish translation of ChronoForum v2.

However there are som language string that is not in the en_GB ini file but which I have added to the sv_SE ini file (confirmed working)
The language string that I have added to the ini file is:

BUILD = "Ladda språk"
UPDATE_AND_SAVE = "Uppdatera och spara"
YOU_CAN_UPDATE_ANY_OF_THE_LANGUAGE_STRINGS_BELOW_THEN_SAVE = "Du kan uppdatera språksträngarna här nedanför och sedan spara dom"
SAVE_AS_CUSTOM = "Spara som egen fil"
UPDATE_EXISTING_FILE = "Uppdatera befintlig fil"
LANGUAGE_STRINGS = "Språksträngar"
CATEGORY = "Kategori"
GENERAL = "Allmänt"
PERMISSIONS = "Behörigheter"
SAVE = "Spara"
APPLY = "Tillämpa"
CANCEL = "Avbryt"
ALLOWED = "Tillåten"
DENIED = "Nekad"
BANNED = "Svartlistad"
VALIDATE_YOUR_INSTALLATION = "Bekräfta din installation"
VALIDATE = "Bekräfta"

There are two other strings missing in the ini file and which I hve not added (could not get them to work) theese are:

"Your validation key generated on"
"Serial number (optional)"

Hopefully all of theese language string could be added in a future release.

Unzipp and add the custom ini file in:
\administrator \ components \ com_chronoforums2 \ chronoforums \ locales

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