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Problem with sl_SI characters in title

matjazv , September 15 at 09:31


I just installed the forum - and found what it seems to be a bug. When I use special characters (čšž) in topic title it's not possible to read this topic - resulting in 404 error. The same is when I add new forum in backend.
The problem is when this special characters are automaticly used in alias field as well - this alias is used in the url which therefore don't work. If I manualy edit record (alias field) in table (change "č" to "c" for example) everything works fine.
Any advise?

Thank you for your answers!


Hi matjazv,

What is the topic url after you create it ? please copy the link from the topic title.

It works fine here and it worked fine for other users, so I think that the issue is related to some server setting.

Best regards,

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