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ChronoForms V 6 - how can I change the confirmation message color?

mbg_ch , September 12 2017, 19:48
mbg_ch 7
September 12 2017, 19:48 #372154
Dear ChronoForms Users

How can I change the color of the form confirmation message after form submit? Actually it's in a green style. When I want to show the source CSS, I see a file in a folder called cegcore2.

Can you help me?

Regards, Martin
admin 28
September 15 2017, 19:10 #372242
Hi Martin,

Do not use the "Message" action in this case, just use this code in a "Custom code" action:
<div class="ui message pink">your message</div>

Best regards,
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mbg_ch 7
September 17 2017, 03:07 #372269
Hi Max

Works perfect, thank you.

Regards, Martin