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Unexpected validation errors on multipage forms on CF 6.0.9

finetuning , September 11 2017

not sure if this is a bug or an error on my config, but I am almost sure it was not happening before 6.0.8/6.0.9

My setup:
I am on CF 6.0.9 (Joomla 3.7.5) with a multipage form where I am saving incremental data to DB at each step.
Each event (except the first on) has a Multi Page item (set to Data provider:{data:} and Identifier: multipage) and a Validate Fields (on {data:}), after which data is saved or updated.
In case of error during the validation, an Event Load is set to reload the previous event (with "Stop processing after switching" set to Yes).

The problem:
The second page/third event in my form has 3 fields with variable validation so, as suggested in other posts, I have excluded those fields from Validate Fields. The three fields are nonetheless validated server side: the browser is sent back to the first page where I can see the validation error messages of the three fields, plus the validation error messages of the fields of the first page, plus the output of the PHP block that should be in the third page (?).
If at this point I try to resubmit the first page, I get the validation error messages of all the fields of the second page.

If I disable the Field Validation actions, everything works fine.

Hi Mattia,

Please try to set the "Data provider" of the "Validate fields" to {session:multipage} and make sure that the "multi page" action is the first action in your events followed directly by the "Validate fields".

Let me know.

Best regards,
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i have created a multi page form and at the first page i have some text fields which are validated and at the other pages i have a text fields and some repeater areas.
When i press the submit button return to first and all the text fields are red. I tried your method but the problem still exists
For creating the multi page i read this article
Thanks in advance