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Captcha, apache browser cache leveraging, mod_rewrite problems.

zingales , September 06 2017
As suggested by google webmaster docs I activated in the past client browser cache leverage, through some lines in .htaccess.
It worked very well, the web site went much faster, but...
the contact form pages didn't work as the simple captcha was always wrong, and my user needed to resubmit the form a few times before they could send their message. this resulted in a loss of contacts.

I asked my provider, and he sent me some more lines to add into .htaccess (at the end) to avoid caching on specific pages ( that are not related to any specific path, but written in a SEO simple way).
So I disabled caching for pages like:

I then checked the response headers, and caching then was not activated on my contact pages, as intended.
yet the simple CF6 captcha didn't work. Often telling me the chosen symbol is wrong.

Should I set in .htaccess a "no_cache" instruction to some other specific url or image or path, in order to get the simple captcha working while getting the advantages of client browser caching?

I'm not using any particular SEO extension, just the core joomla seo options.
I'm under linux, nginx (apache) server, website is in root folder. latest joomla 3.x.
I'm not using recaptcha as I try to keep my site google-cookies free.
I just use the simple captcha of CF6 where the user has to select the correct symbol among a few ones.

thanks in advance.