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dropdown values from database

seppo , July 31 2017
I would need to populate dropdown values from list read from database.

At read data function, I have in fields to retrieve:

and select type as key/value pairs. In the views-tab, at dropdown field in options I have

At first I didn't get anything. Then, after selecting "This is an extra field list" at the read data -function, I did get the keys correctly, but only 0 as value. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!
Solved it.

I guess the initial problem was that I did not have the function call at the events-tab.
After I had it, I must have done something else to prevent it from working (likely that extra field list). No I took that tick back away and it started working.

Anyway I hope the above helps someone else with same problem.

I will mark this solved, however if possible someone could clarify what the "This is an extra field list" is used for?