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Max Vars: 1000

Bouchal , July 25 2017
Bouchal 4
July 25 2017 #370843
I have a problem with Max Vars: 1000.
I change Max Vars: 1000 at 10000 in php.ini, php.ini-development, php.ini-production (i use localhost and xampp). For sure i restart my pc but problem still persists.
Do you know, where is problem?
I tryed it in two hosting but same problem.
thank you.
GreyHead 63.5
July 25 2017 #370846
Hi Bouchal,

What is your problem exactly?

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Bouchal 4
July 25 2017 #370855
Hi Bob,
My problem is that i need created bigger forms but i can't, because Max Vars is 1000 and i can't continue. For sure i insert a screenshot.
in php.ini a change max_imput_vars on 10000 but the problem persists.
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healyhatman 6.0
July 25 2017 #370859
Try setting it in .htaccess
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Bouchal 4
July 26 2017 #370862
Perfect! Thank you!
Just added: php_value max_input_vars 10000