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Navigation on date fields

jjspelman , July 18 2017, 16:56
jjspelman 186
July 18 2017, 16:56 #370623
I have had two clients ask me to do away with the date pickers on two separate sites because the date pickers do not have the conventional left and right arrows to go through the months, weeks, etc.

I figured out how to use it but the common visitor doesn't really want to figure it out. Just my two cents.
admin 27
July 19 2017, 09:37 #370652
Hi jjspelman,

There should be arrows but there was a glitch causing them to be hidden, this should be fixed in the next update, but for the time being you can add this code in your form button content box:
<i class="icon right chevron"></i>

Best regards,
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Matten 49
July 27 2017, 20:49 #370923
Hello Max,

I would like to apply the temporary fix you mention above, but I'm not sure what is meant with "form button content box" (it could be just me of course ...)
So if you would care to elaborate, that would be nice.

Kind regards,
GreyHead 64
July 28 2017, 13:24 #370934
Hi Matt,

Here I think 2017-07-28_15-19-17.png

(13.65 KiB)
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Matten 49
July 28 2017, 20:21 #370955
Hi Bob,

Thx for the suggestion, that indeed makes the arrows appear in the calendar as well!

Kind regards,