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Input masks borked on mobile

healyhatman , July 05 2017, 03:56
Austre 86
October 10 2017, 18:20 #372841
Hi Max,

Any prediction to have the CF5 cegcore library updated with version 3.3.9 of inputmask?

Tests with inputmask from CF6 (version 4.0.1-25), we still have the Android bug.

We really need this cause Android bug is a pain. I'm following this topic at github. I did some tests with inputmask 4x and bug not exists, very sure, neither at 3.3.9 version.
Austre 86
October 10 2017, 19:26 #372843
The inputmask.js from CF 6.0.11 works with no Android bug, the cursor does not move smoothly when we use backspace, compared to this Fiddle, but it's worth a lot.

I copied inputmask.js from CF6 to CF5, and Android bug persists.

Think was some cache, tested now at my smartphone and no Android bug.

Max and Grey, at that Github topic we can see the recommendation to use version 3.3.9 of inputmask.js because the 4x versions are beta. What do you think?
admin 28
October 12 2017, 03:40 #372879
Hi Austre,

You can replace the file manually, did you test 3.3.9 and found that it does not have any bugs on all devices ?

Best regards,
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