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How to change validation messages to other languages

rotocal , June 10 2017, 16:00
rotocal 45
June 10 2017, 16:00 #369223
Hi Forum,

By entering alpha characters on a field that require numbers this message will displayed : "This field must be set to a number", or "Please enter a valid number"
How can be translated to spanish (where is the table of validation messages located)?
How can be a new language table added for validation messages in spanish.

Thank you all
calculus00 1
June 10 2017, 16:01 #369224
Hello rotocal,
I'm not a Chrono professional, but after checking your new post, I think that the following links may help:
How can I change the language used in Validation messages?
P.S: I'm just an automated service
I'm an automated service, my answers may help, but they may not be accurate.
rotocal 45
June 10 2017, 16:12 #369225
Already tried as per suggeted:
$lang = JFactory::getLanguage();
$tag = $lang->getTag();
$tag = substr( $tag, 0, 2 );
$this->form_params->set('jsvalidation_lang', $tag); // Not sure if it's right????

In addition I didn't find the folder:
components/com_chronoforms/js/formcheck/lang .... with the files en.js - or - es.js
rotocal 45
June 10 2017, 17:15 #369226
also tried : $this->set('jsvalidation_lang', $tag);
admin 29
June 12 2017, 16:55 #369297
Hi rotocal,

You are using the "Validation rules" box or the new switches in the latest forms update ?

You can translate any string in the form using the locales shortcode: {l:some_string} and define the value of "some_string" under the "Locales" section under the language tag you desire.

Best regards,
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