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Paypal listener submit method File.

jhaviro , June 02 2017, 03:31
jhaviro 80
June 02 2017, 03:31 #368916

I am going crazy with the Paypal affair.

I want to buy the Paypal plugin and I'm doing several tests with the trial version (CFv5). The operation of the form is as follows:

The User fills out the form and can upload files. After filling it, you must pay, if the payment is correct, the files are uploaded and 2 emails are sent. That is all. But I have several problems:

To upload files I need to send the Form by the FILE Method.
Paypal redirect works correctly (it sends the variables according to the debuger) but the listener does not work, however, when I test with the Paypal PSN simulator if it connects well.
Is it possible that it is not working because of the Submit method "file"? ...
Is there any way to do it correctly?

I have followed several thread of the forum:

But I do not get the listener to work.

Thank you so much.
jhaviro 80
June 02 2017, 04:15 #368917
Hello, I answered myself !!

It seems to work fine now.
I added a custom action on submit:

$form->data['notify_url'] = '';

And in Paypal redirection, Extra parameters:

notify_url = notify_url

Now, the email with the manual address arrives fine but variable, the other, which has a dynamic address does not send. But I imagine the problem is very well documented in this section:
"Passing data to the PayPal Listener"
"In some situations, users may need to pass some form data to the ipn event, you can do this by saving the data to DB (using a DB Save action) before the "PayPal Redirect" action then re-loading it later, but in order to.........."

I think I can fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience, it took 48 hours trying to make it work and I think I needed a break.

Best regards.