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Custom styles for form elements

zetap , May 24 2017, 23:33
zetap 49
May 24 2017, 23:33 #368579

I am creating a form with ChronoForms V6, I need to give custom styles to the form elements.

In ChronoForms V5, I added a "load css" element in the "onload" event and defined the different styles

In ChronoForms V6 I can not find the way to do it, can you tell me how to do it?

Thank you very much !
rotocal 45
May 25 2017, 02:03 #368581
Try - 2. Designer - Left Menu = Custom .... </> CSS
zetap 49
May 25 2017, 12:31 #368610
Hi rotocal, thanks for your response

Should I include "custom -> css" as one more element of the form?

In the "Designer label" field should I include the name of the form element that I want to customize its styles? So, do I have to have as many "css" elements as form elements exist?

Thank you very much !
zetap 49
May 25 2017, 13:51 #368618
Thank you very much, I have already found a way to do it.

Regards !