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Load joomla user data into an input box

zetap , May 24 2017, 23:30
zetap 49
May 24 2017, 23:30 #368578

I am creating a form with ChronoForms V6, I need to load in an input box of the form the user data joomla, name, email, username.

In ChronoForms V5, I added a "custom code" element in the onload event and with the following php code and I solved it.
<? Php
$ User = \ JFactory :: getUser ();
$ Form-> data ['email'] = $ user-> email;
$ Form-> data ['name'] = $ user-> name;
$ Form-> data ['username'] = $ user-> username;

In ChronoForms V6 I can not find the way to do it can you tell me how to do it?

Thank you very much !
admin 28
May 25 2017, 08:55 #368588
Hi zetap,

Just use this shortcode in your field "value" box: {user:name} or {user:email}..etc

Best regards,
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zetap 49
May 25 2017, 13:52 #368619
Thank you very much, Regards !