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Coeblocks not running: a possible cause ...

rene , July 15 2008, 09:07
rene 3
July 15 2008, 09:07 #10358
Bob, Max,

See line 579 in your 'chronocontact.php' file where the page is redirected after handling the codeblocks. These redirection statements (lines 578-580) IMHO should *not* be part of the codeblock execution loop that begins on line 535 and ends on line 581.

The effect is that after the execution of the first codeblock (which depends on the specified order), the redirection already and prematurely takes place, leaving the other two (potentially specified) codeblocks unexecuted!

If you drag the '}' on line 581 seven lines up to line 574, as I did, things work like expected ...
admin 27
July 15 2008, 13:55 #10370
Hi Rene,

yes exactly, the bug is reported sometime ago and fixed at the new release which should be out very soon with alot of issues fixed and very new features included!


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