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Checkboxes and radio buttons doubling up

ausfiero , May 18 2017, 00:41
ausfiero 33
May 18 2017, 00:41 #368286
I am building a form in chromoforms 6 in joomla 3.7 and every time I try to use a checkbox or radio button group every selection has 2 checkboxes. You select either of the boxes next to the selection and both select. Looking into the code <label> is doubling up. One has blank values and the other has the correct values.

This happens using any style of checkbox, slider, radio button etc. See attached images for screenshot and code shot.
The error can be viewed here. Hmm won't let me add attachments.

You have to drill down to Sales or Quote Enquiry > Gazebo Enquiry > Square or Rectangle Gazebo > (Any Selection)
to see the error in action.
calculus00 1
May 18 2017, 00:42 #368287
Hello ausfiero,
I'm not a Chrono professional, but after checking your new post, I think that the following links may help:
How can I get useful data from select drop-downs, checkboxes and radio buttons?
What are the differences between select drop-downs, radio buttons and checkboxes?
P.S: I'm just an automated service
I'm an automated service, my answers may help, but they may not be accurate.
admin 29
May 18 2017, 07:08 #368291
Hello ausfiero,

The raw version of the form is working fine here:

so I'm expecting that there is some template style affecting the checkboxes style used in the form, many templates come with custom checkboxes styling and most of the time there is an option to turn that off in the template settings.

Best regards,
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ausfiero 33
May 18 2017, 23:05 #368322
So it is. Ok thanks. I know now to look through the template css. Hadn't even thought it would be it. Thanks.