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create article with an automatic "readmore" split

net97 , May 15 2017, 09:18
net97 16
May 15 2017, 09:18 #368164
i have four forms created in a website since a few years (since v1), wich all are creating an article by sending the forms in different categories. three of them are correctly creating an automatic "readmore"-tag in the article after a few words. one of them didn´t do that and I have no idea where i have to search for the problem. On the first look there are still the same preferences in all forms...I have updates the site in january from Joomla V2.5 to Joomla 3.7, maybe the problem exists since that.
Do you have any idea? thanks.
GreyHead 64
May 15 2017, 09:35 #368167
Hi Ralph,

I think the automatic way to do this is to put the 'first few words' in the introtext value and the full article in the fulltext value.

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