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Chronoforms V6 upgrade from V5

sbsi , May 03 2017, 13:46
sbsi 9
May 03 2017, 13:46 #367702
I have a site running Chronoforms V5 with multiple forms using TCPDF, Paypal ... What is the process to upgrade to V6 ? Is it as simple as downloading the new modules / component / plugin files and installing them ? What about DB tables upgrades ? Will TCPDF for V5 still work ? Paypal ?

GreyHead 64
May 03 2017, 16:17 #367705
Hi sbsi,

As far as I know there is no automatic upgrade. You can possibly import the form HTML but as the styling has changed that may not be helpful :-(

I don't believe that the CFv5 add-on actions will work in CFv6 - you will need new versions.

ChronoForms technical support
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sbsi 9
May 03 2017, 16:37 #367707
Ok, so for a site that has multiple forms with lots of custom validation code, TCPDF, that is used in production, we are better to stay with V5 then ... This in, for me, counter-intuitive as it gives me no reson to upgrade and benefit from the new features if I have to basically export each form, re-import them and spend countless hours fixing anything that did not translate correctly.

It's sad .....
admin 31
May 03 2017, 21:09 #367717
Hi sbsi,

If you try to import a v5 forms in v6, only the designer section will be imported and not totally.

The setup section will have to be recreated, this is mainly because of many core changes, any PHP custom code will need to be updated, the $form variable is not available any more and there are many new features, so it better to redo the setup quickly in order to make sure that everything is working as it should.

If you decide to upgrade then I suggest that you start this after the new update 6.0.4 is out since it has few new features which can help speed up the form remaking.

Best regards,