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Multifield Area - Number of Fields

CaptnK , April 29 2017, 07:01
CaptnK 31
April 29 2017, 07:01 #367578
We have used Chronoforms 5 for a couple of years to create an on-line order form for an organic farm. Our form uses tabs for the various types of products.

We tried to create something similar using Multifield Areas. We found the "Number of Fields" does not work as we expected. For example, we chose "Four" as the number of fields. We entered 10 dropdown fields. The fields did not appear in rows of four but spread right off the page!

The lack of documentation or mouse-over explanations makes it nearly impossible to figure out what is going on even for someone familiar with Chronoforms 5.

Are we missing something?
admin 31
April 29 2017, 07:06 #367579
Hi CaptnK,

You will need to have multiple multifield areas and place 4 fields inside each one, OR, a four column grid and place each field inside a column.

I will try to add some hints to the next update.

Best regards,
CaptnK 31
April 29 2017, 23:21 #367598
Thank you Max.

It works great! And with some 300 fields, we love the speed of the back end in Chronoforms V6.

Best regards