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Uploading files in multi-step form causes duplicate form

jaemane15 , April 28 2017
Hello, we are facing a weird bug with chronoforms v5 in our website.

Basically we have a multi-step form which requires also the user to upload some files in order to register (optional). The issue that we encountered after we updated our joomla is that when the user uploads a file and then proceeds to the next step of the multi-step form the next screen displays the appropriate form field and a duplicate form located below of it!

This bugs appear only when the user uploads a file in the previous step, if the user does not upload anything the duplicate disappears. I have attached an image of the bug.

Joomla 3.6.5
Chronoforms V5

I would kindly appreciate some guidance,
Thank you in advance
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Hi jaemane15,

As per the emails, you had an extra HTML action which caused this.

Best regards,
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