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Datepicker - Start and End Dates

woodlawn , April 21 2017
Hi I've seen this question in the joomla forums, but not in the wordpress forum. I want to limit the date picker field with start (and maybe end) dates. I tried setting the start date in the advanced tab of the datepicker field, but it does not seem to affect the date options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! WordPress 4.7.4 chronoform 5.0.17.


Hello woodlawn,
I'm not a Chrono professional, but after checking your new post, I think that the following links may help:
How can I set start and end dates for a datepicker?
P.S: I'm just an automated service
I'm an automated service, my answers may help, but they may not be accurate.
Hi Blair,

v6 has this feature out of the box, please send me a message using the Contact us page to get the v6 WordPress installer, but it will not work with v5 activated on the same WordPress website, do you have v5 forms already running on your website ?

Best regards,
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