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How to use Loop if failed in CF v6

omidhz , April 18 2017, 17:00
omidhz 295
April 18 2017, 17:00 #367084
I'm using Google NoCaptcha on my form and it is working the way it should. The only issue is I can't figure out how to use the Loop to return to the original form when user does doesn't click on the check box or gets verified.
I'm assuming that I should use the Loop action, but I'm not sure what to enter in the fields.

Thank you.
GreyHead 64
April 18 2017, 17:28 #367088
Hi omidzh,

If you look at the sample basic_contact form you will see that it uses an Event loader with load in the Event name box and Yes in the Stop Processing setting.

ChronoForms technical support
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omidhz 295
April 18 2017, 17:38 #367089
Got it. Thank you.
CaptnK 31
April 30 2017, 02:52 #367599
Where can we find the sample basic_contact form?
admin 30
April 30 2017, 05:12 #367601
Hi CaptnK,

When you click on "New" in the forms manager, you get a dropdown list with the demo forms list.

Best regards,
CaptnK 31
April 30 2017, 23:22 #367617