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Close Modal window after connection save

bcouvin , April 10 2017, 16:42
bcouvin 213
April 10 2017, 16:42 #366761

Here is my problem.

I have a listing in CCv5.

For each line, I can open a form in a modal window by using this methodology:

So in my form (in this modal window), I fill in some values my form and I submit my form. The connection save is used in my form.

The result is that after a connection save, I have my listing in the current modal window....

What I would like have is to close my modal window and come back to my listing.

Do you have an idea to close my modal window after a submit action of my form?

Thanks for giving me a help.
admin 27
April 11 2017, 05:46 #366775
Hi bcouvin,

If you can install v6 beside v5 and test the demo connections included, one of them has a popup box with fields which does that, v6 is also better than v5 and has more features and flexibility.

Best regards,
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