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profile picture auto compress ability

dominusgai , March 21 2017
Please, I notice some websites have the ability to compress pictures before using them. Is there a way I can have that feature? I don't mind paying for it if I have to
Hi dominusgai,

The feature can be added to a future release, if you would like to add priority to the development with a payment then this is fine too.

Best regards,
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Hello and good day to you, I have not been online for some time, hence me leaving the answered questions unmarked.
Sir, in regards to this question. You told me I could pay for priority development.
Please I want to know how much I should be looking at paying for the priority development of thes features.
1) A featured topic module
2) A profile picture cropping function to 100*100(allow users to crop their profile picture when uploading).
3) A picture compress function like on Whatsapp and Facebook that allows auto compress of uploaded picture to a maximum size if larger than that size rather than preventing user from uploading.
4) Topic name on reply. For better example please visit this link Please notice there is a Re: at the front of the reply.

Please I would need this answer as soon as possible as I intend to make the payment before the end of this month and get these features by the middle of next month.