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What does xxIssues Mean?

stanbush , February 23 2017, 01:10
stanbush 35
February 23 2017, 01:10 #365330
I've attached an image that says '10 issues". What does that mean? How can I find out what those issues are?
The form appears to run just fine?
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GreyHead 64
February 23 2017, 09:08 #365337
HI stanbush,

If it runs OK then it probably is OK.

You can see the 'issues' if you edit the form in standard wizard mode (simple wizard mode does not show them). Then there is an indicator on each action in the Submit tab.

If you want to explore, make a copy of your form, then edit the copy, change the name to say form_name_copy and change the Setup mode to Advanced on the General tab and re-save. Then you should see the individual indicators. Note that some of them - e.g. a disabled Debugger action - are not really issues.

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