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Subscription/License Question

sactobob , January 04 2017, 17:27
sactobob 77
January 04 2017, 17:27 #364019
Just checking as I could not find (or missed) in FAQ. With a multi-domain license for ChronoForms, Am I able to use for either WordPress and Joomla? IE, I don't need a separate license for WP sites? It's all by domain and not the platform?

Also, is the WP version still updated/maintained and compatible with latest WP? I saw a thread that indicated it hadn't been updated for a while.


admin 27
January 05 2017, 09:37 #364026
Hi Bob,

Yes, the key is per domain, platform independent.

An update for wordpress has been released few days ago, latest version is on the Wordpress plugin repository.

Best regards,
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sactobob 77
January 05 2017, 17:36 #364050