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CFv5 503 error on .docx upload

tknott , November 29 2016, 19:46
tknott 3
November 29 2016, 19:46 #363411
A form I've made that includes the Files Upload field throws a 503 error (Bad Gateway error ) when a user tries to upload a .docx file. No other files are a problem - .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .png all upload and send fine. The form is used on a Careers page for submitting resumes for employment. That page can be found here:

I have to reset the cache to get the site back up. So that isn’t good. I have the Files config section set to: file1:jpg-png-pdf-docx-doc. I have the file size set to 5000kb (the test file I tried was only 23kb).

Any idea what is going on and how to fix this error?

GreyHead 64
November 30 2016, 10:19 #363414
Hi Troy,

The ChronoForms code doesn't discriminate between file types in any way other than to check the extension against the list. The process is in two parts a. PHP uploads the file to the server; b. ChronoForms gets the uploaded file info from PHP and then moves and renames it as necessary.

I have little experience with CF on WordPress - Max may be able to help with that. Can you set some site error reporting to see if you can get a more helpful message - 503 should just mean that the server is unavailable/over-loaded and logically that should no be dependent on the file type. Possibly your web host might have some clues?

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