"New Topic" button missing

GuiGuy , November 29 2016

Having struggled with this for a couple of weeks not, I have something that is reasonably presentable.

Unfortunately there is no NEW TOPIC button, even on the Super Admin log in. AFAIK permissions are OK.

Is there a magic spell or incantation I should be aware of? :D

All kidding aside, any help or guidance how to get this working is appreciated.



Hi Guiguy,

It must be the permissions, please try to logout then in again after changing them, also check the permissions section under the forums edit page.

Best regards,


It must be the permissions, please try to logout then in again after changing them, also check the permissions section under the forums edit page.

I have done that and checked it so many times now I'm dizzy.

I went so far to set all permissions explicitly rather than inherited. It didn't help.

I'll have to give up, I think.



Do you have any one set as "Denied" ? because it denies everything under it.

A new major update is supposed to be available in a few days, if you can't get this one to work then you can send me a message using the "contact us" page and I can send you a beta installer for testing.

Best regards,


I completely removed Chronoforums. I also ensured all relevant tables were dropped.

I then re-installed.
In "Settings" I left "Dedicated Permission" at "No"

I created one category and one forum. I assigned the one category to the forum.

Same thing; no "New Post" button after logging in as either a registered user or super user.

We use the ACL Manager and Easy Profile. The Template was created with Artisteer.

PM me if you'd like a log in.


I think I kludged it;

I had set the main menu item linking the forum Chronoforums > Home Page - I noticed that it I then clicked the Forum > Category to open it for read/ write I got a 404, component not found.

However, if I called the forum with an explicit resource link as in

It worked fine AND the NEW TOPIC button was present!!??

OK, so I changed the menu to "External Link" and everything seems to be working as expected.



I had indicated last year that I though that I had found a work around for the missing NEW TOPIC issue.

This wasn't the case. Although the button is now visible, clicking it gives

The page isn’t redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.


Hi GuiGuy,

I have a new version in beta phase, would you like to test it ? its a total remake, but you can import your existing forum data of course, the demo is here:

Best regards,

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