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The forms don't work with do_shortcode()

entumas , October 23 2016, 16:05
entumas 85
October 23 2016, 16:05 #362603
Hi guys!

I see for using ChronoForms, the form must be embedded using a shortcode. So far everything is fine and works well.

The problem is that the shortcodes can only be used within the the_content() function, which is the function that loads the conenido of the page/article.
If I want to use a shortcode within the php I have to do it by do_shortcode() function.

When I use the do_shortcode () for a ChronoForms form, the form don't work.
Don't send the e-mail & not advance to the confirmation page.

I bought the license because I need to use ChronoForms on 2 sites, a total of 6 forms but all within the php code.

I need urgent help on this issue.

GreyHead 64
October 24 2016, 08:31 #362617
Hi entumas,

I don't know the WordPress version well enough to answer this - please use the Contact Us link above to ask Max, the developer, including a link to your post here.

ChronoForms technical support
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