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Paypal IPN confusion

desertdiana , September 21 2016, 17:31
desertdiana 82
September 21 2016, 17:31 #361942
Hi Bob,

Just need some clarification: I have read the information on the PayPal Redirect and I am confused on the using the IPN for more that one form.

The instructions says to turn on the IPN on but you need a url to be added for it to be turned on. Is there an overall url that is used to fire for all forms so that the IPN can be enabled because without it there is an error and it can't be turned on? Then the custom code can tell the IPN which form to do what too?

Or do I turn off the IPN off and follow the ipn dynamically steps?

Thank you,

GreyHead 64
September 22 2016, 09:41 #361958
Hi Diana,

There is no overall URL that you can use for all forms. You need to send a form specific URL in each form; IIRC that will over-ride the default URL you have added in the PayPal account settings.

ChronoForms technical support
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desertdiana 82
September 22 2016, 13:12 #361960
Thank you Bob for clarifying this for me.