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Backup Filenames

rtobias , April 01 2016
rtobias 53
April 01 2016 #358072
I was wondering about what idea was behind the naming scheme for the form backup file-names. For me, it would be more useful if the naming scheme was along the lines of:

A backup I made today was named this:

I think it would be much more useful it it was along the lines of:

We already know by the product name and the extension that this is a ChronoFrom backup, so there is no real point to "FormsBackup". Personally, I think "ON" is excessive, but that is part of why I'm asking why the idea was behind the naming scheme.
bobysha 15
April 15 2016 #358586
I fully agree with you and i think this idea can used for creating backup filenames. I will try to insert this code and tell here about the results
alanhagerman 2
December 21 2016 #363877
I was wondering if there was any progress on this. At least include the form name please for single form backups. For multiple forms at one time thats really not an option. but single form ones would be useful.

I have 5 chronoforms I work with regularly and I try to use the backup for versioning without creating copies all over my db.
admin 25.4
December 21 2016 #363880

I think the naming was chosen because you can download single or multiple forms together, I will try to improve this in the next update!

Best regards,
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