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chronoforms form gives an empty site

walberg , November 26 2015
After making a form in Chronoforms my site is empty after starting, also when i push test in Chronoengine. Administrator site is working. When i go to Chronoforms general and put published to no i can see my site again. Of course i got the message:
Form not found or is not published. The only thing i have done before it goes wrong is: apply display message to the end of the form at setup. When i removed this last item the problem stays although before it worked.
What can be wrong? is there a log?
Schermafbeelding 2015-11-26 om 20.19.49.png
Schermafbeelding 2015-11-26 om 20.19.49.png
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Hi walberg,

What exactly do you have in the Display Message action?

ChronoForms technical support
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