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Joomla Menu link to ChronoForm shows no title/header

HerKle , November 17 2015
Hi hi,

I had the vague hope that this bug which I bypassed with custom code fields already in CFv4, might have been fixed in CFv5.
Alas, today I discovered: it is still there.

Chosing CF form as menu type leaves blank header:CF-No-header-1.png.

Even after forcing in the very link setup - by overwriting all global settings – the header didn't show.CF-No-header-3.png

To make the header appear could only be achieved by typing it into a custom field (including the CSS class). Later, this will become hard to remember/detect/edit/delete, when I will have to gues, why the header is not created by Joomla's standard routine.

However, in the end everything looks fine, no matter where it was created:CF-No-header-2.png

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<STYLE> is poor man's basic right.
I have the same thing as you. Have you solved the problem?
As said, I bypassed it: Create a custom field on top of all, fill in some html (<h1>Your Title</h1>) and let it render together with the rest of your form by "Render HTML".
<STYLE> is poor man's basic right.

Yes, Chronoforms does not show the page header set at the menu settings, you can add a custom header in the form designer though.

Another solution would be to include the form inside an article using the plugin and use the Article title or the title set in the menu item pointing to the article.

But I will try to have the menu item title implemented soon.

Happy new year!

Best regards
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