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Display message when using Email action

goliath , August 19 2015
goliath 144
August 19 2015 #350685
I use a ChronoForm in combination with ChronoConnectivity. One of the options in the form is to email the field values. I use a button to do this. After emailing the form is refreshed. All this works perfectly. But the only thing is that I can't see if I already pushed the mail button. So is it possible to display a message on top of the form after using the Email action? Similar to the green 'Saved successfully' message when you use the DB Save action.
GreyHead 63.4
August 19 2015 #350690
Hi geertmartens,

You can use a Custom Code action after the Email action to add a Joomla system message:
$app = \JFactory::getApplication();
$app->enqueuemessage('some message');
Joomla! will show this on the next page displayed.

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goliath 144
August 19 2015 #350698
Hi Bob

Thanks for the answer!
I also found this topic here.