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dlynn , June 27 2010


I am new to the forum and have long been developing sites in WordPress. I am considering creating my next site in Joomla as I am told by various sources that Joomla provides a more robust platform for development.

In truth, on the surface they seem similar. Can someone share the key differentiators to me? Starting work in Joomla will require ramp up time for my team and I need to justify the investment of what would otherwise be productive WordPress development time.

Thanks in advance for sharing your insights.


Hi Dlynn,

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It all depends on your needs. They're both good choices. Wordpress is more of a blogging platform, while Joomla is a full fledged CMS. They can both be customized and be SEO friendly.

If you require CMS features, I'd go with Joomla. It has a longer learning curve than Wordpress, but once you figure it out you can do anything with it...

You can do a lot more with Joomla than wordpress, even though you may not need to now, my advice is future proof yourself - you may need to do more later....

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I use both Joomla and Wordpress for different purposes.

Wordpress for blogs and Joomla for content, shopping and what else you are building websites for.

There are more you can do with Joomla, but it takes more time to get up and running, but when done you have a website for life, so to speak.

Another important aspect is that I find the SEO part in Joomla a little bit more komplex than in Wordpress.

But there are some very cool joomla templates out there.


They're equal, the plugins and how you set up it matters.

The Joomla has built in Membership function, and Wordpress dont. But you can install plugin to make a wordpress site a Membership site. Same in Wordpress that is designed for blogging, but you can also make a Joomla site a blogging site via plugin.


Joomla is more robust CMS, seems harder to learn, though.


I noted a comment above where someone said they use WP for blogs, but Joomla for content. This distinction has fascinated me and I wonder if it is something to do with the architecture of WP, which seems rigid and doesn't facilitate a more intuitive use of internal linking between relevant content.

WP along with most blog structures seem to work on a chronology basis, that is, posts are related in their date order, and not with reference to pages higher up in the site "hierarchy", that is homepage, then second tier, and so on.

It would be great to hear from a techie (which I am not)about how to overcome this problem.



I also use Joomla and Wordpress, but I think it is unfair to compare both of them 1:1.
While I use Wordpress primarily to update my Blog with new (but similar) content and pictures,
I take advantage of Joomlas extensive modular design and add new core features to the website.

Wordpress is a specialist in terms of Blogging, Joomla a specialist in terms of (modular) CMS,
even though I think Drupal even exceeds Joomla in terms of modular based design.


I like the fact the Joomla has more advanced features and modules than WordPress. But, the learning curve is a lot steeper for Joomla (at least for me). I still struggle with it. Which is why most of the time I use WordPress. It's faster and I'm an impatient person :) I can usually make WordPress do what I want before I'm able to figure out the same thing in Joomla.


I agree with many of the other posters. Joomla takes a while to figure out, but has many advantageous features. Wordpress is pretty easy to get around in right out of the box. With Joomla, you'll find yourself looking up "how do Joomla" a lot! But once you get it figured out, it's a great CMS. Good Luck!



"I like the fact the Joomla has more advanced features and modules than WordPress."
"If you require CMS features, I'd go with Joomla. It has a longer learning curve than Wordpress, but once you figure it out you can do anything with it..."

Just wondering what specifically Joomla can add to Wordpress?

Is it changing the layout?
Making pages look different?

There is a way to add html pages into wordpress using the template function.


Anyone having experience using SEO with Joomla? Which one more SEO friendly? Joomla or Wordpress?


I started with Drupal. Joomla & Wordpress would both be much easier to learn on. I use Wordpress now because it's quicker to set up & I can anything I need with it. SEO differences...the plugins can slow things down in both J & W. There are different plugins to choose from and some may be better than others. It's not about the core Joomla & Wordpress systems.


I've heard there are just as many plugins for joomla as there are for wordpress, but you just need to know where to look (they aren't as obvious). Would you agree? Are there some recommended plugin sites for Joomla, and are there any that are somewhat compatable in each platform? i.e. if you learn an ecommerce or newsletter plugin for wordpress, you could use the same thing in joomla?

Nick Spain

Here in Marbella, Spain a lot of the top website not blogs are using Wordpress as a CMS and in real estate for example each property is entered as a wordpress post which has great advantages for traffic, so would you say Joomla is easier to use as a cms platform?


Even though Joomla has a membership based plugin you can also easily get third party membership plugins for wordpress.

Can you give me your thoughts in which order you would rank wordpress, joomla, drupal and ning?



I use Joomla and have not played with Wordpress much but am curious about it. I find Joomla to be extremely SEO friendly. Does the SEO plugin for Wordpress give it the same functionality as Joomla... creating SEF URLs for example? Or is that done manually in Wordpress?


If Wp allows you to do anything, why would I want to use a more complicated software? Why do some of you sy Joomla creates a site for life? Sorry, I still don't see the difference...


I have familiar with wordpress but now a day i was learn about joomla also, I think joomla also good as SEO point of view


Hi there,
I have tried both wordpress 3.0 and joomla for different website but because of the nature of its contents on the both website it does make it hard to tell which platform works the best but one thing for sure i find wordpress more user friendly and easier to adapt to. :D



I have created my website with Rapidweaver, which is very easy to use. Now I need to make my site bilingual, which is not possible with Rapidweaver. Would Wordpress or Joomla be better for creating a simple structured, bilingual site?

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