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PattyHultquist , February 12 2008

I am using a menu to open my chrono form page. On the details for that menu item I have the parameters set to show the Page Title but it won't show up no matter what I try with the template. I'd love to display it using a variable but nothing is working.

I also have a page class suffix set but that isn't working either. In code view it isn't even pulling that style name in at all.


Hi Patty,

Regarding the page title please see this post :
Regarding the class suffix, it should only change the Page body area, you have full control over the form code actually so you can set whatever styles you like, for example put the whole form code inside a div element with the class you like! :)


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Is there a way to display the page title from the template rather than the Form? I've tried <?php echo $this->title; ?> but it only gives me the Title tag of the site name, not my page title.
global $mainframe;
$mainframe->setPageTitle("My Title");
works in the Template file but i want it to pull the title of the page dynamically. By page title i'm referring to the Page Title I've plugged into the Menu Item that launches the form.
Is there a way to pull the page class suffix so that it can be controlled by the template? I have 20-30 forms so I want to control things dynamically as much as possible rather than having to edit each form.


Hi Patty,

I cant understand the problem here! may be you have a problem because you don't want to edit all forms ? the few lines of code above will change the page title as you need, in the form HTML box just paste those lines and they will do the job! :)

regarding the class suffix, what do you expect the code output to be and how its now, give me examples and I can update the current version with a new one with those changes!




Hi Patty,

You could possibly use the mosSnippets mambot to include a snippet in every form. I'm not sure that it helps (you'd need to enable mabots for the forms as well).


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