non-joomla form script recommendation?

marklandry , September 20 2010

I'm working on my first non-joomla site and, unfortunately, it's pretty form heavy - I've become totally spoiled by Chronoforms...
Can you reccommend a good non joomla form generator? I've searched around and looked at some demos, but not sure which one to trust.
Thanx for your help


Try this form creator. It is a powerful tool for building forms


Hi Mark,

Wufoo is pretty neat - you can usually embed the forms in your site and do most of the ChronoForms stuff from the Wufoo site.


PS Importing forms from Wufoo to ChronoForms is explored in Chapter 9 of The ChronoForms Book


I'll check it out.
Thinking hard about getting the chronoforms book as well...


Hi Bob
I tried to move a Wufoo form to Chronoforms V4 in my Joomla 2.5 site using the guidelines set out in your Chronoforms cookbook for CF V3.
I changed all the references to 'Chronocontact' to 'Chronoforms', I modified the Wufoo index.html using your guidelines and finally I changed all the URL links in the CSS files as suggested in your cookbook.
It doesn’t work! I just get an empty page with “powered by ChronoForms –” at the bottom.
Maybe the guidelines in the cookbook don’t apply to V4?
In the attachment you can see my html code which I pasted into the Chronoforms html.

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Hi christian.gibson,

You probably need to drag a Show HTML action into the On Load event of your form. It works OK - at least as far as displaying the form - if you do that.



Hallo Bob
Thanks for your reply - I need a show HTML action on the on Load event..... In the mean time I have created a new form based on a Wufoo original. I have added my own JQuery scripts and modified the original Wufoo form.css and structure.css. I now have to implement the form in the Chronoforms 4 extension in a new Joomla 3.0 website. I suspect that this might not be so easy, since the information in my Chronoforms v3 cookbook has been largely superceded by Joomla 3.0. Whatever!
But for the forum visitors who are interested I have included the new form in the attachment (it uses a hidden iframe with a Jquery pop-up and an automatic international dialling code generator).

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