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How do I validate my domain?

Published: Wednesday, 21 September 2016 08:43

When you buy a subscription for a ChronoForms product you will receive a Sale ID in confirmation. You can use that to validate your registration for your web domains.

Log in to the site and look for the Member's Area menu on the right. Click the Validate Domain menu.

In the form that opens complete the details of your subscription: 

  • The Sale ID and the email address used to make the purchase
  • your domain name - just the domain without any http:// or https:// prefix - e.g. or Note: registration of the main domain included the www. sub domain, other sub domains require a separate registration.
  • The Product you purchased - note that ChronoForms and ChronoForUms can get confused!!!

When you submit the form you will be given a Validation Key that you should make a note of (you can always recover it later if needed).

Now go to your site, click the Validate Install icon in the Forms Manager toolbar and re-enter the Validation Key and Product to complete the process.

This process works for all the Chrono v5 products including the Payment Gateway actions; and for most V4 products except for the Payment Gateway actions which require a patch file from Max.