Do I need to validate ChronoForms? Isn't it free?

Published: Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00

The free version of ChronoForms is fully functional except that it adds a "Powered by" strap-line under each form and shows you a pink reminder message in the Forms Manager. 

You can see the current subscription prices by clicking the Subscriptions menu item above. Subscriptions are not recurring and will last for the life-time of the product version; there may be a charge for upgrades to future versions.

A subscription entitles you to a number of 'validation keys'. Each validation key can be used on a single site (note that sub-domains are treated as separate sites).

If you buy a subscription and validate a site then, on that site, the strap-line is removed and the pink message is replaced by a green one.

Changing validations

At present if you ask Max using the Contact Us menu above he will remove existing domain validations so that they can be re-used for another domain. (There may be a small charge for this service in the future.)

Payment Gateway actions

The Payment Gateway actions in the default ChronoForms installer are 'Trial' versions that randomize the amounts. They can be used for development but for a production site a paid version of the action is required. This is separate from the ChronoForms subscription.