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How to reload a field

Published: Tuesday, 30 May 2017 08:31

In v6 a field can trigger reloading another field or area on the form using the "Reload" event under the field "Events" section.

  1. Under the field events section, select the desired event settings and set the action to "Reload" then set the element identifier to the name of the field you want to reload.
  2. Open the settings area of the field you want to reload and go to "Advanced" and in the "Reload event" write "reload_field".
  3. Go to the form setup section and create a new event named "reload_field".
  4. Each field under the "Designer" section has a unique identiying "view name", its written inside a black label, please take a note of the view name of the field to be reloaded.
  5. In the new created event, drag a "Custom code" action and write the following syntax inside: {view:view_name_of_field}
  6. Saving the form the way its now will simply reload the target field without any changes to its initial form loading state, so a PHP function or a "Read data" function should be used to dynamically alter the field settings before its reloaded.