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Basic Connectivity v5 listing

Published: Saturday, 01 February 2014 13:52
Start a new connection by clicking "New" in the Connections manager.
Enter your Connection's name, no spaces or special characters, and must be unique.
Go to the Models tab, now a "Model" is just an alias to the database table we are going to connect with, your Model's title should not have any spaces or special characters.
Select your database table, we are going to connect to the Joomla's default content table, and we called our model "Article".
Now please switch to the "Front List" tab, this is where you should configure all settings related to the listing on the frontend of your website, if you are willing to have a listing or any data management in the admin area then you can do the same config but under the "Admin list".
The "Display type" is how your your list data will be represented, either in "table" (auto) format or "custom",we will choose table for simplicity.
Now there are lots of text areas under the "Settings" tab, the first one (Columns list) is obligatory, the others are optional, all of them accept fields names in multi line format, any table field name must have the Model's title before it.
So, in our list, we would like to display each article's id and title, so we are going to enter this in the "Columns list" box:
The "list display" and "Actions" tabs will be demonstrated later, now we need to set up the permissions for our new list, head to the "Permissions" tab, you can see a list of all possible actions for your new action on the left side.
Since we need only a "listing", we will just setup the permissions for the "index" action, set the "Public" permissions to "Allowed", please note that the permissions are inheritable, so by setting public to allowed, and since all other groups are descendants of public, they are all allowed now.
Save your connection.
Click the "View connection" under the "Frontend view" in the manager, and you should see your new basic list.